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Free Analytical Ultracentrifugation eBooks

Presented by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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Beckman Coulter is proud to offer two exceptional resources; “Introduction to Analytical Ultracentrifugation” and “Self-Associating Systems in the Analytical Ultracentrifuge.”

This book series will:

  • Introduce you to the sorts of problems that can be solved through the application of AUC
  • Describe the different types of experiments that can be performed in an AUC
  • Describe simply the principles behind the various types of experiments that can be performed
  • Guide you in selecting a method and conditions for a particular type of problem

Introduction to Analytical Ultracentrifugation

This book is intended for scientists who are contemplating the use of analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC). The analytical ultracentrifuge is still the most versatile, rigorous and accurate means for determining the molecular weight and the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic properties of a protein or other macromolecule. No other technique is capable of providing the same range of information with a comparable level of precision and accuracy.

Self-Associating Systems in the Analytical Ultracentrifuge

The second book in our analytical ultracentrifugation series describes both simple and complex methods needed to examine self-associating systems in an approach requiring little or no advance knowledge of the characteristics of the interactions involved. Studying associating systems in the analytical ultracentrifuge allows one to fully characterize the thermodynamics of these association reactions at equilibrium. An advantage to the experimenter is that the macromolecule can be studied directly in solution under conditions of choice.

More About Analytical Ultracentrifugation


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