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High throughput and high productivity are standard fare for every Beckman Coulter centrifuge and the Avanti JXN Series is no exception. It’s more than capable of delivering solutions for shared labs, GMP environments, networked instruments and more.

With the Avanti JXN Series centrifuges, you will not only manage your daily laboratory challenges, but get higher performance, better BioSafety,* and advanced levels of networking. With the MobileFuge app, you can access modern data and user management, remote monitoring, control and error handling via networks, and mobile devices.

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Whatever your application, from simple pelleting to rate zonal separations, the Avanti JXN Series offers newfound momentum. Rely on the Avanti JXN-26 to boost your productivity, or reach speeds of up to 30,000 rpm with the Avanti JXN-30.

Flexibility reaches a whole new level with the MobileFuge remote application for Avanti centrifuges. Users can easily monitor and control centrifuge functions via computer, using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) software, or mobile device using the custom MobileFuge app available for Apple® iOS and AndroidTM devices. Whether you are in the lab or across campus, you can always keep an eye on your centrifuge. Work has never been so flexible.

Ideal Applications:

  • Virus Pelleting
  • Virus Particle Research
  • Isopycnic Separations
  • Density Gradient Separations
  • Rate Zonal Separations
  • And More!

Work Fast. Work Safe. Work Remotely.

The Avanti JXN-26

The Avanti JXN-26

High-Performance Centrifugation With Ultra Convenience

The Avanti JXN-30 from Beckman Coulter

The Avanti JXN-30


GMP Environment App Note Cover


Get Control in GMP Environments

Floor-standing ultracentrifuges and high-performance centrifuges are vital to many bioproduction processes. Instruments are run in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environments, and must support compliance with these regulations. Innovative features built into Optima XPN and Avanti JXN Series centrifuges support GMP compliance while eliminating much of the administrative work of other systems.


Multi-User Lab Cover


Handling the Multi-User Lab with Ease

Shared facilities, or common equipment rooms shared by several individual laboratories, often result in a laboratory having a number of unique users with varying levels of centrifuge experience using floor-standing ultracentrifuges and high-performance centrifuges. This presents unique challenges to lab managers and facilities managers responsible for ensuring safe operation, maximizing uptime, and minimizing maintenance costs associated with these centrifuges. These tasks are easier to accomplish using features built into Optima XPN ultracentrifugues and Avanti JXN Series high-performance centrifuges by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.


Protein Purification Cover


Complete Solution For Protein Purification Workflow

Centrifugation is an important, and often the first step, in any protein purification protocol. The Avanti JXN Series has an array of rotors available to help with any stage of protein purification. The wide selection of rotors with different combinations of volume and g-force makes it a versatile instrument capable of meeting the needs of any proteomics lab. It is an excellent solution for various proteomics applications such as cell pelleting, protein precipitation, subcellular and membrane isolation, density gradients, and protein concentration.

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Avanti Rotors Brochure Cover


Avanti Rotors Brochure

Efficiency has never held a more important role than it does in today’s scientific discovery process. That’s precisely why our comprehensive library of Avanti Series rotors includes our most efficient options—engineered for maximum application versatility, higher g-force, and reduced run times.

Designed to accelerate your sample separations, Avanti rotors provide a shorter path length which— when combined with high speeds—produces more efficient runs. This efficiency is reflected in the k factor.** As the k factor decreases, rotor efficiency increases. With a more efficient rotor, you can spend less time waiting for results and more time parlaying them into discoveries that improve life for us all.

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Avanti JA-145 Rotor Cover


New! Avanti JA-14.50 Fixed Angle Rotor for 50ml Tubes

With the new Avanti JA-14.50 rotor, you can spin a range of tubes at their maximum speeds in our high-performance centrifuges. Take advantage of Beckman Coulter Life Science’s many innovations in centrifugation and rotor technology and start benefitting today.

The Avanti JA-14.50 rotor with 16-place capacity gives you the flexibility to run a range of conical tubes and labware. They also provide shorter path lengths that, when combined with high speeds, produce a lower k-Factor to shorten run times.

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Avanti JXN Series cover


Avanti JXN Series

  • Ergonomic design – Low work surface height for easier installation and unloading of rotors
  • Flexibility with MobileFuge – Set and monitor run parameters and email diagnostic results
  • Intuitive interface – User-friendly, large LCD screen
  • Safe and sustainable – Uses less energy than traditional centrifuges
  • Advanced, easy-to-use data management – Password protection for up to 50 unique user profiles
  • Versatile across rotors and applications – Compatible with an extensive library of rotors

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Meet the Avanti JXN Series


The Avanti JXN Series is a perfect solution for your shared lab


The Avanti JXN Series intuitive, Windows-based user interface makes it easy to use


Quickly set up a manual run on the Avanti JXN Series


World Class Service at Your Fingertips

BeckmanCoulterCenter-300x199For more than 80 years, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has maintained an unwavering commitment to service excellence worldwide. Whether you’re next door or across the globe, our field service organization and knowledgeable customer service teams stand ready to help you make the most of your investment, from installation and training to post sales hardware, software and method support.

Protect your investment even further with top-notch service plans from Beckman Coulter. Our flexible plans can be tailored to accommodate your workflow needs. Beckman Coulter world class customer service includes:

  • Easy access to service and support via phone or Internet
  • Exclusive access to field service engineers and original Beckman Coulter parts
  • Customizable service agreements that offer variable levels of support
  • Long-term commitment to supporting your laboratory investment

To ensure top performance for your lab, rely on exceptional service from a proven leader – Beckman Coulter

Not all services available in all countries.

Did you know?

  • Members of the service team at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences have been with our company an average of 15 years.
  • In most cases our engineers are trained on at least two of our product lines. Ex) Lab automation and centrifugation.
  • Each field service engineer has a defined geographic territory, which provides you with on-site service that’s both efficient and responsive.
  • We average a 90% first time fix rate.
  • 70% of support requests are addressed remotely with our technical call center (pictured).

What Our Customers Say

“Easy to operate, the hardware design and material are great, it’s reliable. Our Beckman benchtop centrifuge is one of the instruments the end users love to have for their projects. Thanks Beckman.”

Huan Phan, Contractor at Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation

Beckman Coulter customer

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